Saturday, 7 December 2013

Five Favorite Antwerp moments

The recent World championships although slated to be unimportant had some great moments and lots of excitement and fun.
5. The British girls on bars. I was very impressed as most were with the ability of the British ladies to continue with the tradition of the great Beth Tweedle. Their routines were innovative, original with great amplitude and style

The fact that both of these girls main coach is a woman (and so was Beth´s) shows us that it in not vital for a man to coach the bars in these cases it seems better to have women do it. This debunks one of the main myths of gymnastics coaching.

4. Vanessa Ferrari back on the podium. Not only with her usual great tumbling but finally with choreography and presentation that finally matching the world class routine. Her best routine to date.

3. Mustafina. One of my all time favorites and before her injury in 2011 looked to dominate the World scene. Now almost fully to her old self and of all event came up on top on beam not her greatest events. Showing immense inner strength and confidence in her own abilities. Watching her training nervously up until the final this was a true show of character, her greatest strength.

2. American women on vault. Not surprising but pleasing to watch no the less. The block these girls get from the table seems impossible. In the warm up gym it was fun to see the other coaches trying to get pointers and ideas listening in on Akopian coaching Maroney. Now it is only a question who will be the first one to do the illusive TTY.

1. Mens all around. Even though it would have taken a disaster from the king not to come out on top these finals were nail biting from start to finish with great gymnastics from all involved. Personally I was impressed with Sergio Sasaki from Brazil who should at his current improvement rate challenge for an AA medal in Rio The Brits continuing their progress even coming down from their home Olympics. Not to mention the great second coming of the ever popular Fabian Hambuchen

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